STICKi PICi (Stick-ee-pick-ee) is an iPhone application for creating the pictures you might be familiar with from photo sticker booths. These popular asian photobooths are also known as purikura プリクラ (from Japanese pop culture lingo purinto kurabu プリント倶楽部, meaning print club).

4 stars on Apple App Store

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Tap into your creativeness and make your own! Choose from tons of different frames and stamps. Draw on your creations and type in your text bubbles. Have as many purikura sessions as you want! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Hello Kitty can’t hold a candle to STICKi PICi. The editing and manipulating of the stickers is really what makes this app shine. Everything is intuitive…

STICKi PICi does a nice job of emulating the purikura experience on the same screen. The colors are vibrant and the designs are crisp. The interface is well design for even the youngest user.

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